Sunday, February 8, 2015

Planning for spring garden 2015

February 8th, I heard the birds chirping this morning as I was having my morning coffee,  and felt a tingle of excitement and anticipation of spring and a big got to 57 degrees.  Finally cleaned  out the coop, worked in the yard and decided on the new area for a raised  'hay bale' garden along an inside fence away from hounds and hens, (there was a recent post on bale of hay gardening, I got real excited after reading this blog!)   
Bought some new seeds and planning my new yard landscape.  I did not cook or bake too much this weekend, living off last weeks preparation, for which I am thankful for planning ahead.  My new area of focus is working on food plans, baking mixes and and other preparations for 'just two'.  I like eating whole foods and going back to basics.  With just me and Hubby I can't cook in bulk and  don't want to throw out food, I also decided to remove my microwave from my home, I just have a bad feeling about it, so out it goes,  I will have to post how 'removing the microwave' will impact me if it does?

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