Sunday, August 21, 2016

Prepare to Prepare - Inclement Weather

Hurricane Matthew is looming, and winter is approaching - What better time to get your supplies, plan and kits ready.  

I recommend - keep it simple - what you eat, what you need.. My main “go Kit” (I do have this ALWAYS ready)  the big evacuation TUB is filled with the following:

Nuts, cranberries, dates, meal bars, juice boxes, peanut butter, crackers, graham crackers, dried venison jerky, hubby likes sardines, so I pack this for him ( I circulate  - use and replace).
Dog food.
Enough water for three days per person and dog. (actually, I am obsessed, I have 7 days ALWAYS)
I add games, like old maid, rook, regular cards, Yahtzee.
Flashlights and batteries.
Personal Hygiene items, to include wipes.
I have a change of clothes for each person, make sure I have socks!

In a separate ‘go kit’ each commuter car has a sleeping bag, blanket and a backpack for 3 days (water, personal items, food and a change of clothes)

I also have a "work go kit", in case I can't make it home.

If I KNOW storm is coming:

I make sure laundry is done!  - crazy huh?

I make sure all trucks have fuel - never now if we have to leave.
Generator is checked every 30 days and I make sure I have fuel - so I am good here (except we sold it, so not good, but we have a perm. one being installed)

I refill all of the following:
3 refillable 5- gallon water jugs (mainly for pups)
10 - 1 gallon refillable waters jugs (mainly for pups)
I also fill my bathtub up so we can use to dump water in the toilet. (well thing)

I check my water supply and make certain I have:

1 gallon of drinking water per person a day stored for 7 days.

I have in my chest freezer with frozen  water in 20- 1 gallon jugs  -  It helps to keep your food when power goes out. (we don't run the generator 24/7)
I always have camping propane bottles so cooking  rice and oatmeal is a snap on a camp stove, and of course - I can rely on my go kit.

I have a wind up radio
And backup flashlights

My car, has a generator - (love me my Tacoma, so, I can run an appliance, or charge a phone battery).

On my end note: If you have children, plan for them, storms and shelters can be scary - this is why I say pack a game, pack their favorite snacks if you have time to plan.