Hen Vs Rooster

The Story: Don’t judge a hen on their appearance.

The Hen vs the Rooster:

My husband recently had a contractor out to give us a bid on our cement pad in the back yard, and the contractor made this comment about our ‘roosters”….He said, how do you get away with having roosters,? my dear husband said, those are not roosters, sir, those are hens… The contractor, said, well, I grew up on a farm and I am telling you those are roosters! My ever so quick thinking husband said, okay, roosters they are; let me show you the only roosters I know that lay eggs! Of course, the contractor followed my husband to fetch the eggs. Certain my husband did not know a darn thing about chickens….My husband opened the coop and took out the eggs, the contractor had this funny look on his face and said,, ”They certainly look like roosters,”.. Anyway, don’t judge a hen by its appearance

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