Blooming in the Blue Ridge

Apple trees in bloom, this year I have put in place my pest control... Chickens...I moved my chicken area to where my some of our fruit bearing trees are... they have been hard at work pecking away around the trees.. I also have my new Apple picken Apron, Oh I can't wait to try this out.... Thank you Dolly!   I found a new group that discuses all things canning, freezing and preserving, so many things for me to learn.

Recipe: this is from Nesco..(the machine I use) peel, core and slice apples - I use a mandolin.

Place slices in a bowl, spray with a good amount of lemon juice I like to spray the apples vs soaking.. Helps in the drying.

Arrange the apple slices or dices on the dehydrator. Make sure not to overlap.

Recommended temperature for drying is between 125f and 135f. Dehydrating times depends in thickness 4 to 10 hours..

I  slice with various thicknesses, so I can use in various recipes. 

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