Coop Planning it is now a WE thing!

I have wanted chickens for a very long time, but we moved so much, and once it became evident we were here to stay in Virginia until we retired, I thought now is the time for a few chickens!  I started with 6, gave away 3 (big mistake) and recently added 5 more with 2 more coming soon (Dominiques, my husbands addition)

What is interesting is my husband, He is trying to steal my chickens... he started researching different breeds / coops and has taken an interest in my chickens… I have to tell him, we only have an acre, and we cannot add more chickens until we can secure a bigger coop with an enclosure.  I think what it is with the chickens -  they are friendly, they greet us when we come home, sit by us when we are on the front porch and give us endless amounts of entertainment.  

I love researching coop ideas and getting my inspiration from many of the blogs I read; some of you  have some fine coops!  We pretty much have settled on the cedar type of shed looking coop as it match's the house, one that is not too expensive, I can enter and clean easily, plus it has curb appeal -  being our coop is in the front yard.   All we have to do now is design the enclosure and find a good handyman to build the enclosure once the coop is in, fortunately the coop comes with assembly!   Coop is planned for installation Spring of 2015, we have to deal with some irrigation issues first.




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