Learning Lessons

I started this blog to chronicle my existence in Hooterville...and only Hooterville...then my job interfered.  I work 5 days a week outside of Hooterville...but I start and end my day feeding hounds, hens and a husband.  I love being home tending to things.  Retirement is not that far off, thankfully.

I have been struggling with certain "other" coworkers, who inherited me, and "these coworkers" preferred method of help is to give correction and not direction...Plus much more crap.

I get upset, and try to figure out a way to deal, and I joke about ducking the flying monkeys and I hope I am out to lunch when the house falls...humor really helps!

On a serious note, I found myself feeling frustrated.  It started to affect me; how I treated my husband, how I reacted to things, and how I was dealing with life. I said to myself....this has got to end; I don't want to live that way.

See if you let some crappy coworkers, or anyone for that matter, assign your worth - they will - and you won't be worth much - I am so tired of dealing with bullies and unpleasant people.

My problem is still there, but my attitude has changed.  I don't want to be preachy, and I am no way a saint, and the Lesson Learned that took way too long to learn was ... "To let go and let God handle it".

No matter what we do, who we deal with, at work, the feed store, on the road...we will encounter nasty, unpleasant people - take a deep breath, and say God, this one is for you.  Wish I had learned...really learned this lesson years ago...how freeing this has been for me! 

A big smile is one my face as a type….and it makes me so much more appreciative of the opportunity for my home, raising the chickens, working the bloodhounds, and endless the possibilities for my gardens and cultivating an organic existence….

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