Preserving - Alternative Method

Old Timers Method

While researching an alternative to freezing and canning - I wanted to share what mountain old timers who forged out an existence without electricity, running water and in most instances a limited cash flow.

Leather Beans:  Using a long needle with a strong thread, push the needle through the center of the bean, pushing the beans together.  Hang the string in warm air, not direct sunlight. Let them remain hanging until dry.  Store in a bag until ready to use.. I would think they used cotton bags...

Peas:  When ripe lay them in the sun to dry, after thoroughly dry, place them on a large cloth or sheet outside on a windy day, and beat the hulls off with a stick. The wind will blow the chaff away and leave only the peas.  Store the peas in sacks in a dry place.   Again, to store I think they may have used old flour sacks....

Not sure how they dealt with humidity or how they beat the peas, on the ground, or hanging?  I guess I will find out.

I will be trying the leather beans this year and I will update the post.

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