Old Wives Tales, Folklore and Old Timer Talk

An old timer from our community told me to start planning on a cold, long winter last summer 2013, he said, “you see them darn hornet’s nest up there on that tree, “ well that’s a sure sign we are headed for some trouble.  Old timer was right; it was a winter that kept on giving….

I noticed that the yellow jackets are building their nests in the ground this spring of 2014 and this tells me, according to my old-timer, we might have a mild winter this year.... as last summer 2013, their nest were above ground and guess what type of winter we had!! - Awful. 

Now, here in the East Blue Ridge our spring/summer weather is starting out hot, humid and unpredictable, this week we received another 3 ½ inches of rain in one night -  now I am not one to complain about rain but I fear we might be in for a rough season.

What does it mean when it rains all spring and summer, does this mean a mild winter, low hurricane season, (less stink bugs (I can dream))?

I can’t find any tales or folklore on this – but I am a searching.

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