Being Thankful in Hooterville

Being November, I am trying to focus on being Thankful, I take too much for granted, I have a job, I am healthy – I married a kind and patient man, my kids are happy, they too have good jobs and are moving forward in life – I guess that in itself is a success – I don’t think I would want to be a parent of small children in this time. 

Winter has set in, (not so thankful) the ground is frozen and the leaves are all off the trees; got the hens a water warmer this year and I have put straw around the cage, to keep the snow at bay.   I lost a hen this week, I split up my hens with a neighbor 2 years ago – last year the neighbors quit coming home – staying with their parents about 100 miles away.  Recently I asked for them back – and one was just not healthy enough – the lack of water and food was too much for the poor baby.  The other two are better, and seem to fit in and enjoy their dirt baths and being “free”.

Things have been quite around Hooterville, just tending to the girls each week and the Hounds – Dale and I get to enjoy the hot tub at night, we open the door and enjoy the outdoors sitting in the hot.. hot tub – this is life..., the stars as so pretty here.  –

I do have a plan for my December blog, I am putting some good thought and planning – stay tuned.

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