The Gift of the Season "Trust and Believe"

The Season -- Family, Traditions.  Many years back my very best friend at the time lost her grandmother who had raised her.  The very next year at christmas my friend and I gathered to decorate my friends home for the holidays, her grandmother had several holiday boxes that were marked and stored in her attic that said CMAS DECORATIONS with various years. (Along with extra crap, depression era folks threw nothing out,,,). The holidays were a very special time for her and her GMA.  Well, we started to open the boxes and we soon discovered that her GMA had dated and written about certain ornaments.  If I could take you back to the moment when my friend read a note  from her late GMA that said, "Mo, I have surely passed by now and when you read this know how much I loved you, this ornament was given to your mom from your dad before you were born, please treasure it like I did, know you are loved and you have another angel in heaven watching over you.  ...Goose Bumps...  Another ornament said, "Mo, please be happy, the holidays were always such such a joyous time, love GMA". What a gift!   Several year later, I started to collect special ornaments, dated them and tried to write a bit about each one.  My plan is that one day, hopefully living, I can give my son a box of treasured memories for his family.  It is not about the gift, but the meaning, their impact on our life's, much like Christ tried to do.  Remember, it is the season of miracles .. the best time for them really.  It is not about what we have, but about love, who we love and care for and who loves us.  Many of us have family ill this year, Please remember who really is in "Charge" and loves us, his plan no matter the outcome is the best plan, sometimes hard, and we don't know all we should--but I have come to learn..... this is the season for "Trust and Believe"

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