Bread Tips from Wimpy

My dad, aka "wimpy", pictured below, gave some tips to my sister in law years ago, who was struggling to make bread, he said, first be kind on the flour, which means less is more; he went on to say that bread requires time and patience -  kneed it - patiently, it will be slightly sticky, this is okay the more you work it, the less sticky it gets.  As for more  patience, let it rise once, twice and on the third he would bake,   Please know humidity plays a roll in bread baking.  My tip is that my best bread has been one that has been hand kneaded, though I love my kitchen aid.   There is no substitution for the hand feel of the dough.  Plus, I know that all flour is NOT created equal, high quality flour is a must if you want to bake bread for your family.

Please note that this recipe requires three rises, yes, my dad was right on!  I call this my Wonder Bread Recipe.

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