Hooterville Hook me ups for WWW BEST EVER Banana Bread

I decided to use some old bananas and make what the WWW indicated as the BEST ever banana Bread  - I have been craving this sweet dense bread since October, banana's don't last long enough to go bad in my home.  Used some HM Vanilla - not yet ready - but all I had.  – What makes this WWW version the best? I don’t know? had not one spice! I add a pinch of nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon (which is not called for in the ‘best ever banana bread recipe” how can it be good without any vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon? My Hooterville hook me ups do improve this bread to make it the best ever…. Never forget the vanilla, and pinch of nutmeg – you can forgo the cinnamon but the prior two are a must and maybe a mix of brown sugar with the white sugar would be a good idea.


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