February in Hooterville

Hooterville has been a bit cold, Very cold – hardly makes it to 30 degrees!  Much like most of the Midwest and Eastern states.  The hardest part of living here on Blue Mountain are the roads – they are so ‘backwards’ so ‘prohibition era’ to bring you to a visual of the moonshiners running the back roads to hide their stash and keep away from the law – Yeah that is really what is like here..

Planning ahead is vital, and knowing how to live without running water, heat and a convenience store are a must.    Of course having front yard chickens is a plus.

I find that being home (stuck home) is a blessing, I get to clean, I have the time to bake that bread, make those muffins and enjoy homemade hot chocolate after working to clear the snow and tending to the hounds and hens.

My hooterville hint for the cold and having to be in doors for any age – make that hot cocoa, have those marshmallows on hand, read a family book together, do a puzzle (which is what we do) – even if it just the two of you, make that time to ‘do something’.  A note on the book, this really is fun, pick a fun classic or a new one – read together even if on an ipad.

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