I am a semi-urban homesteader - only got me some hens y'all!

Homesteading – and what it means – Really?

When I hear ‘homesteading’ I think of  clearing the land, building your own home, having livestock and large gardens for substance etc….. but for me in, in my semi-urban mountain existence, it is moving away from processed food, making my own cleaning supplies and relying on natural pest control; this seems to be my main focus these days.  At first, the move away from the convenience of store bought broth, noodles, and hash browns was difficult, but I as work my way through learning ‘how to’ prepare and store my own items -  I feel better, not only am I saving money, the real pleasure comes from knowing ‘what is in my food and cleaning products’ -  I have fulfillment that I am providing for husband, my dogs and chickens – a good, clean healthy environment.

I find I am more sensitive to buying plastic – I don’t if I don’t have to – when I run water, waiting on the hot to come, I keep a bottle nearby to collect the cold water – I use this water to rinse the dishes – fill up the pets water – I don’t waste it.

As I plan to grow more garden items to preserve, I find that real food actually tastes better when you grow it yourself.

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to post all I have rattling around in my brain, thoughts on food, baking tips, house cleaning ideas.  I am in envy of the folks that are afforded time to devote to posting on the internet, and keeping up with their blogs. I’d be lost without the help of those with more experience on baking, sewing, cleaning, tips on how to be more self-sufficient.  Whatever did I do before the internet?

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