Homemade in Hooterville

I am not a crazy person with regards to prepackaged foods – heck, I love my Lays potato chips, Frito's, Cheetos!  But I know I feel better – my husband does too.   For me, it is time to reclaim our lives, and bring it home - HOMEMADE!

I have a new appreciation for the women of the past, taking care of your family is no easy task.   I have read a bit on the net, posts from other farm girls, homesteaders, and ladies that want to provide the very best for their families. I am so happy that you bloggers post your helpful hints on healthy, and cheaper living - and those recipes you share!  Thank you!!!

Convenience is what it is - convenient, not better, and in my opinion not good for you.  It takes no more time to whip up the seasoning for a skillet dish, making homemade nuggets and, taco seasoning etc….  

Over the past few years, I have gone away from packaged convenient frozen food and veggies.  I make my own bread, when we eat it – I have my own hens – fresh eggs is such a blessing – I love my girls.

I tend to not use anything that has any chemical in it or eat anything with an ingredient I can’t understand what it is.

I don’t eat as much, perhaps having whole foods is the key here.

We have planted new blueberry bushes and strawberry patches so we can harvest and freeze our OWN berries, along with our Pear and Apple trees -they are not pretty – but they are chemical free! – Snap, we freeze them anyway!

When it is just you and your hubby, canning, freezing and preparing your food is more of a challenge for just two.  I am up for this challenge and I welcome any input on making smaller batches of biscuit mix, cake mix etc..

This year I made my own Extracts, Meat Jerky (courtesy of a Blogger), Spice Mixes, Homemade muffins, yogurt and I prepare and freeze my own “convenience” meals.   It is a start.

Having in all in Hooterville, is having your health, a home big enough, but not too big.

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