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My gift this year (to me) and beyond - is to be kinder, more compassionate, understanding and forgiving.

My very good friend called me today upset and in tears, her in-laws sent a holiday card to their home yesterday, but did not include her, only her husband and the grandchildren were named, wishing Robert and the kids the best of the Holiday Season; between sobs, she said that a few years back, they (she)  quit sending out cards due to the cost and since both their kids were in college they could not afford this.  Becca told me that she will send out a letter for those that did not live close to update them on their lives etc….Well,  she says her in-laws ‘noticed’ this card in their other Son’s home that lives in Ohio and made a comment about Becca no longer sends them a card.  I know ridiculous right?

Becca told me that she is sad and mad about this - that her in-laws that go to church every Sunday, donate to Charity (they make sure they tell her this) and pray at every meal could be so... like "unGodlike" to her.   Becca and Robert have been married many years and they have not always been welcoming to her.

My Lesson, outside of not being like Becca's in-laws, or my brother in-law  IS TO be kinder, show more compassion, help more, criticize less, pray more, be more thankful for all things .....and most of all try and show Christ through how I live, what I say - and in some cases - don’t say.  

Happy Merry CHRISTmas from an imperfect person who is in training and needs to pray more.

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