Healthy in Hooterville

Here in Hooterville, I came to realize that whole foods and whole products are so much better for me.  I took the plunge and invested in some high quality essential oils and other products for the 'overall good'

On another point, I am not necessarily a meat eater, but a high quality raised chicken or beef is okay to me, I like a good steak every now and again,  I like butter from organically raised, grass feed beef, I find it produces a higher quality product and my food taste better too.  I will soon have my hens again, I know what they are fed.

I am not off the scales crazy here... but for me, I have had to realize that eating the proper balance of quality food is important to my body and overall health.  Processed food is not good for us!   I don't care how organic or 'healthy' the label states!  If you don't make it, don't eat it.

I started making my own extracts for baking, buying local products, such as butter, honey and cream/milk to to feed my family.  I even started to experiment on foods made without 'sugar'.  Once you purge this devil, things taste pretty darn good. 

I am making my own beauty products -  just for me, cause I think I deserve it!... I know what is in them, and most of the products I use  - I can grow.

I have always made my own bath salts, there is nothing I love more... sitting in a warm bath and the scent of my salts warming my soul.   I grown my own lavender... so making this salt, is perfect... I get my inspiration from Pinterest and other sites....on how to decorate my jars of joy.

Hooterville wants everyone to stay healthy - whatever this means to you.

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