One Good Cookie...Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookie Lovers! - Got a new one for you to try!

How many of you are like me?  review recipes and wonder? - well wonder no more.....These are good - simple, fast, and like I said a few words back....GOOD.  I used Bob's Red Mill, Super fine Almond Flour (Bob you are welcome for the free plug, with the exception of the price- yikes)

This is my second batch, so good I wanted to take to work to share with a Gluten challenged friend...I can eat flour, I just wanted a light, protein enriched, low carb choice.
Cookies, rolled and squashed

With the coconut oil, maple syrup - the cookie needs no other sugar

Some ingredients + Eggs, Vanilla

Notes:  it is super easy to make, and stirring in the baking chips, like pushing around a cloud... I think this recipe would be good for those that suffer from arthritis, as it does not put stress on the hands or wrists.

Done and Deli
 Oven 375 and 15 min. Later... Yum

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