Holidays in Hooterville - Life is where you are - Home is where you are at

Holidays, Home, Happiness - all are in Hooterville this year.  After a few tough years, I have found my Joy again.   Life is where you are – Home is where you are at – this is me in Hooterville!

This week I purchased my first holiday music in 5+ years, it was Amy Grants new Tennessee Christmas – I bought it because I heard that “Christian” stores did not want to sell her new Album because it was not “Christian” enough?  Really? I bought it for that reason – Gee, I can’t assume I know what Christian enough is? – by the way – two thumbs up and a snap – worth it – put this on your list for your music lovers!

Baking is what I love to do and especially this time of year - I found a new Bakery about 15 miles (round trip) from me (on the way to/from work) – the Red Truck Bakery in Marshall, VA.  – makes the best cinnamon rolls, the right balance of spices, texture of dough and enough sweetness - it is my thank you Holiday Hallelujah! – I no longer have to make them – I can buy my ‘fix’ and be happy and not over indulge from the pan I made staring at me! I still make my cookies - of course!

Holiday Decorating is simple, I put up some LED lights, that I can leave up all year – they offer a soft lighting that softens the room and brings me peace all throughout the year.

My tree is live and I plant them in my yard, each year now, for ten years, I have planted a new tree– I get to reflect on each tree and I think back to that year and give gratitude.

Holiday gift giving is now about simple, homemade, local and organic – I love shopping in the small businesses close to me,  I find such great products, like local honey, local salt, maple syrup, cranberry sauce – bird treats and unique gifts…. What fun it is to find something that I know will be enjoyed and cherished!   I found a jar spoon - OMG - Love the Brits!

What you  do or however you celebrate the holiday - Enjoy the simple things this time of year, a nice quite family dinner, bake that special batch of cookies, eat that pancake with butter and syrup - find that Holiday Hallelujah in your life!  Be Happy Be Grateful!  

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