I was in my front yard this past week, when it was warm, and I said to myself, Gee, my yard smells ): Smells like a farm - I have chickens that poop in the front yard - and I smiled - because I would not even think that I would EVER have a hen in my front yard… stinking the place up & messing up my flowers….except this year - I plan veggies…. Thank you girls for preparing all my beds for me.

I like the ‘farm’ smell!

Which brings me to - why dreams are important, having that small farm, a quieter life, living off our land (well, to an extent) I  am no youngin!  It could be that my dream will never be realized, but I do so love to dream it -  Being encouraged having a plan....Dreams are important.

I am a homestead blog junkie,,,I sit in envy of fresh milk, cheese and butter - homegrown meat chickens.

What I can do now is work with what I have - Take my front yard and make it work for me - expanding my garden beds, growing my own food to freeze, can my own jelly and fruits, will be dehydrating more too.

We plan to add bees this coming year, working on their space and planning ahead for their arrival.

As we are approaching the years close to retirement (3 years), we have narrowed down a bit where we want to settle… Kentucky, Tennessee - not against northern South Carolina…

Simple things like a flat yard to garden, having a cow, a sheep, chickens of course a duck or too.

I plan to keep Dreaming!

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