Back to basics - you are NEVER TOO old to practice homesteading ways!

I am 57 today, and I really don’t want to focus on my obstacles, rather the blessings I have… My husband purchased a new upright Freezer for my birthday, this way.. I can freeze more meals, freeze my berries, tomatoes, beans etc…… I was so limited…..cause he is a mad-deer hunter and venison usually fills the small freezer we had.

I don’t have a gas or a traditional electric stove.,,,(I have a flat top)  so after I prepare any canning foods… I have to move them outside to complete the canning process.. - A pain, and most canners would agree….. Or at least I think.

This year I froze my tomatoes. Sliced and diced!! …. I did not cook down or anything…. I did make spaghetti sauce which I did have to cook… and I froze this too…. I’ll have to remember to post on how they worked out taste wise... I have green beans, peppers, onions, blueberries, bananas and strawberries - all in the new freezer…. I grew carrots and onions this year and I plan to freeze these as well.   My garlic, well… I don’t know what I did wrong..

Now for the apples, I will dehydrate them.. I wanted a crispy dried apple, I learned this texture is a ‘freeze dried’ process… So I will do some experimenting.   Looks like a freeze dryer is in my future… I don’t know?

We have a plan to move out of Virginia within 5 years... this was only a temporary residence anyhow!. Our new homestead we plan to use solar, and wind power.. So I am trying to perfect food preservation that requires limited or no refrigeration……

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