As we approach the end of Summer and the County Fairs wind down, the smell of fall is in the air… blankets get put back on the bed…. Leaves are starting to fall…..and Birthdays...mine to be specific, I love them..I do a good job of ‘spoiling’ myself… this year, I took myself to the county fair…for some small town...down home goodness.

We ate the best ribs and smoked chicken EVER! Shaffer's BBQ & Market - they have a few restaurants in the area.. But something about fair BBQ just tastes better…
I gave them a 2 thumbs up, if you come through this area… stop and eat there! OH, we had local ice cream too! - well, it was my birthday.

We watched the tractor trailer pull, how fun! This old man about 75+ on a 1945 tractor won both weight classes…the young kids were bringing in their produce, animals and art to get judged… …..it made us both (hubby and me) long for a simpler life - and our dream of owning a larger plot of land and building our homestead is coming on quickly… we are looking for land now - we have decided on a state… (it is a secret) - but I can say it is not in the Mid-Atlantic, West or the East Coast.

Enjoy each and every moment of each day… Love Ya’ll!! just sharing a day in the life of Hooterville Homestead.

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