Inclement Weather - you NEVER know.....Prepare to Prepare

There were areas of Severe Flooding this year....Hurricanes are looming, and fall/winter is approaching - What better time to get your supplies, plan and kits ready.  


This is what I do: keep it simple - what you eat, what you need.... My main “Go Kit TUB/s” (I have this ALWAYS ready)  the BIG evacuation TUB is filled with the following:

This year - 2017, I purchased Wise Food Storage enough for 2 people to last 7 days (this includes water) - in addition to this, I add a small mixture of the following: nuts, meal bars, juice boxes, peanut butter, graham crackers, dried venison jerky. (I circulate, use and replace)

PET FOOD - we have Dogs so we buy an extra bag for our GO KIT TUB, it is kept in airtight container. (circulate)

WATER I have a 5 Gallon JUG next the to GO KIT TUB
COLLARS and LEASHES and a WATER BOWL - we keep a set in the GO KIT TUB
IDENTIFICATION ON US and PETS (I update accordingly)

I add games, like cribbage (I have a mini board), playing cards, Yahtzee
Flashlights and batteries. (circulate batteries)
Personal Hygiene items, to include wipes

I have a change of clothes (sweatpants) for Hubby and me, along with socks and sturdy shoes

Prepare your kits accordingly - Have babies? toddlers? an elderly parent?

*the Red Cross and The Wise Company have excellent sources to help you plan and prepare.


I replace and refill all of the following about every three months:

4 stackable water containers (14 Gallons) (purchased from The Wise Company) (pictured)

3 refillable 5- gallon water jugs (mainly for pups)
10 - 1 gallon refillable waters jugs (mainly for pups)
Water purifier tablets

I determined between the freezer and other food I don't store too much food - I have LONG Term MREs and Food from the WISE Company.


We have a landline, but I do charge all our laptops and devices. - my new lantern has a USB charger.

*  I make sure laundry is done!  - who else does this?
* I also fill my bathtub up so we can use to dump water in the toilet in case power goes out.
* Meds go in waterproof bag along with our identification for us in animals and ready to be put in (MAIN GO KIT)* I get cash out of the bank.
* Buy any animal food I may need (HENS)

I make sure all vehicles have fuel - never know if we have to leave.

We sold our generator, but when I had one... it is checked every 30 days and I make sure I have fuel - we have a permanent one planned.

CHECK WATER SUPPLY - Make sure all is ready.

I am obsessed, I have 7 days ALWAYS for two humans and three dogs and hens - I need more... this plan is in the works. This is separate from my GO KITs
I have in my chest freezer 10-20 jugs of water -  It helps to keep your food when power goes out if you don't have a generator.
Plan to use your outside GRILL - weather permitting! I always have camping propane bottles so cooking  rice and oatmeal is a snap on a camp stove, and of course - I can rely on my go kit. (cook outside)

I have a wind up radio
And backup flashlights

In a separate mini ‘go kit’ each commuter car has a sleeping bag, blanket and a backpack for 3 days (water, personal items, food and a change of clothes) sweatpants are cheap!

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