I have wanted to dehydrate and do fruit leather since we planted our trees 10 years ago and today I dehydrated .......I am one happy urban homesteader!!!!

Boy did we have lots of apples this year… we had 5 trees produce - 2 Winesap, 2 Golden Delicious and 1 Macintosh. (we live on just an acre)

We also had HORNETs this year - the European kind... I want to send them back.. GOSH they were awful, sound like a 747 in my trees...ate a good deal of our fruit... we picked the Winesap's a wee early because of this.

Our Golden Delicious trees we plan to cut down this fall, along with the cherry trees.. as they don't do well, and we plan to move and I will not reinvest the money or time.

As a newbie in this dehydration thing I read up and studied - I choose the following..

I used two methods - The first, I washed, cored, pealed and sliced the apples and put in a lemon bath and put them in the excalibur, I did not rinse... I want a crunchy texture, and as I write this they are still cooking away….they are almost there....

They are THERE:::::: not real sweet - but the texture I was looking for... 14 1/2 hours...
Lemon Juice bath

The second I washed, cored and sliced... I used a sugar bath, simple syrup with honey… the apples took a bath in this sugary goodness… I learned that commercial dehydration productions use this method.. so I am excited about this… I used my Nesco for this batch.  
Simple syrup with honey

Used some crystalized sugar!

Dipped in Sugar - The way to go!!!!! Yummy

As for dehydrators, I have no real preference - the new excalibur can hold more, the Nesco I have had for over 20 years and has not ever failed me.

We love the apple picken' apron.... thank you Dolly from Hibiscus house for making this for us!  This helps hubby in the picking process,,,, yes Hubby wears it!  At first, he said I'm not wearing an apron.. NOW, it is do you have that apron?

Our new pup Boo.... thought all the apples that fell were her chew toys....

Fall is fast approaching one of my favorite times of year! 

Good Bless you all!

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