I LOVE TRIED AND TRUE RECIPES!!....  BUT that can be boring - right?

This year I will make my standard peanut butter blossom cookies - topped with three different type of kisses - some with dark, milk and with some with almonds!

View from the top
A new crispy chocolate chip cookie - reminiscent of those wonderful good Chips Ahoy. - It is all in the technique...

Bottom - just right
Side view - just the right height

A new snicker doodle cookie - crispy on the outside, chewy in the center - coated with just the right amount of sugar and cinnamon - but with a new twist - maybe cardamon - nutmeg..... It's a secret.  I like the taste of cream of tarter... so I kept this in my cookie....  BOMB!  stick to tried and true!

A new chewy, fuggy triple-chocolate brownie - decadent high quality chocolate and cocoa.... The perfect moist brownie - This too is all about technique....  BOMB!  stick to tried and true!

I meticulously read recipes, different types of methods and techniques... and I test them for myself.

Want a crispy cookie? - don't whip the fat..... melt it before adding....

Want a perfect moist chocolaty brownie? - Use FAT - and lots of if and Don't OVERBAKE.... too much chocolate will weigh down a dessert... there are ways to bring out its flavor....

Love this time of year..... Cookies, friends and family and more Cookies......

Cookie Monster - signing out!

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