Humble Hooterville Kitchen

I have learned to embrace my small living space; our kitchen and front room are shared, so having functional appeal and a country feel is something I am working towards.....

We plan to sell in a few years, so we have slowing been making much needed (necessary) upgrades...... on the inside that is -  the outside, well...that is something we did strait away, yard work and gardening is my love.

I have gone through a few counter islands over the years - I finally settled on a nice, quality made in USA Boos Block

 and thought long and hard about what type of eating table I needed to fit in this small area, as I did not want to share my food prep area with were we eat..... Well, I found this nice metal/wood counter height table.... for a good price.

I am hoping that we can afford to make some of the changes I am dreaming of..... I want replace the bottom cabinets... I want to ditch them for a more open shelf type of cabinet base - made from real wood..... We took out the dishwasher years ago, and will replace, but only for resale purposes..... Going to a one basin sink, smaller faucet and we ditched the microwave, which was above the stove..... What will go here?  not sure... a shelf? - a light and shelf? - a place to put up my knife magnet?   decisions.... for the time being.. I have filled the gap with some of my useful kitchen tools.

The refrigerator was also relocated.... awaiting the 4th new one..... I am a bit crowded, but where the frig was, I plan on shelves, so this should help rid me of one book shelf cabinet that I keep some of my dried herbs on.

The rest of the room.....This is the 'living' space... but for me the kitchen is my living space

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