Thursday, January 11, 2018

Oatmeal Cookies and Irish Butter

I am so frustrated - I have failed three times!  I can't make an oatmeal cookie! 

This is an epic failure! - what went wrong?  Oven temp?  I have this fancy oven where I can re-set the oven temperature - only thing, it is too technical... OMG... I just wanted an oven - now I need to hire a techie to help me use my oven.

I even bought a new oven thermometer - says it is 350? - IT LIES! ... Anyway, I have been trying to make oatmeal cookies for my older sister Mary, I will send her the batch where I froze the dough first and used my heavier cookie sheet.    See.. these look like they taste good... I need a cookie taster before I ship out... Hubby has a job!

I really think the Irish Cows have it out for me... I need to just eat that butter and quit trying to bake with it.....

I'll have to send a note... "eat at your risk".. Irish Cows are responsible.....

Sad oatmeal cookie baker.....

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