Thursday, April 12, 2018

Birds, Their Nests, Babies....

My Robin did not come back to her tree this year... I was sad... I had pruned the pear tree this fall, and  well, I guess it was too much for her.   I'll miss her and the babies, they gave me joy to listen to their food cries and their parents hard work to provide them food.

Nest in my Kiefer Pear Tree

I provide a source of 'nest' building material.... this little ball, made from grape vines,,,, filled will alpaca wool.... I can tell you... my birds  have been busy plucking away at this for their nests.

Grape Vine filled with Wool for the birds

I have other birds that like to build nests on my porch in the shades I have...... we have had such strong winds they lost a few nests...  and when I went to investigate their latest..... well, they abandonaned I added to my table of decorative bird houses......  can't say this broke my heart.......  as they make a bit of a mess....

Nest that fell out of the screen on my porch
My table with decorative bird houses...

This past winter we have had birds 'hanging' out.... this is a good thing.... I will guess all my tree planting has provided the birds with more sanctuary....

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