Pasta - so easy and simple.. just a few ingredients

Pasta is one of my favorite food groups.... since my eating plan changed, it is rare I eat pasta, It is a limited food... my favorite pasta is with fresh lemon, olive oil, cheese and a veggie.... I keep it simple!  Do you love pasta?  I made it eat twice this week..... so... I'll have to wait a bit for more pasta... .. 

Good wholesome food is not that hard to make, It is satisfying to make a meal with such flavor, and you can add meat/fish if you want.

Makes me want to plant some broccolini!

  Fresh parmigiana reggano is a must!   add off the heat
I cook the pasta, add the veggies the last 4 minutes..... I keep some of the pasta water out in reserve to use in the final mixture..... helps to thicken up.

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