Wedding Anniversary, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Pork Chops...

My anniversary, April 10th... I forgot.... but my husband... he reminded me... Gosh, I am a horrible partner...... Good thing I can cook! (probably why he reminded me)

My hubby is a good man, provider and friend....   So, despite his low carb healthy lifestyle, I was able to make him a food friendly and Husband approved meal for our special day....  No worry on fussing over when to start the Chops.. I used my favorite new tool.... a power pressure cooker!... Ohh yeah folks, ya'll need one - for us gardeners (obsessed with the yard) - we can work in the yard ALL day and still provide a yummy quick meal.... without standing over it..!

My meal was Pork Chops cooked in onion, lemon juice, white wine and garlic.....
The veggies were roasted cauliflower, mushrooms, and radishes

Sautéed pork, .. ready to cook

Love lemon and Lime... always have in my home...

I love my $3.00 thrift store bowl..... hand blown and a classic.

Dipped Strawberries all packaged nicely
The past few years I have been making more of my own candy and choosing the best chocolate, not only to control the ingredients, but the sweetness too... and I came across these wonderful tools for dipping... gosh - what did I do in the past without them!

The specialty tools for chocolate dipping.

Chocolate, my preference is Guittard or Ghirardelli - if you ever go to San Francisco... make sure you stop by the Chocolate Factory (Ghirardelli).......  BUT hands down... I prefer Guittard...... 100% all the way!

Just dipped berries... ready for chilling

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