This is a great fail proof recipe.... don’t be like me and used expired baking powder....

Fancy Muffins Cups  

 Yummy Goodness

 Gooey, Bursting with Berries


 In spite of all the rain this summer, I did have a good harvest, the peaches are a bit tart, but this lends to a balanced baked product.. not too sweet..

It was daunting looking at all I picked (just two trees, and I am thankful it was just two)  - What to do?  Jam was out, as many of my jam recipients do not prefer peach jam.
Harvest, trees are two years old!
Baked Crisp
Peaches ready for the topping

I made a peach crisp, using the Pioneer Women's Recipe from her very first cookbook.   - I gifted the crisp to the St. Dominic's Monastery, as it turned out it was a day of celebration for them.  

 I froze three trays of peaches to use during the winter months.... for use in oatmeal, pancakes and muffins and so much more!
Ready for flash freezer

My Winesap apple trees runneth over! - I have so many canned, frozen and dehydrated from past years.. I plan to give this harvest away...
One of 8 apple trees, so heavy they are on the ground!

Happy Harvesting to all you Gardeners!