Fall, as I discovered... is most folks favorite time of year.... it stopped raining, we have had 8 days of beautiful sunny, warm weather.

I normally get the itch to cook & bake and scour over my recipes and cookbooks. - this year, I am not going to make candy or cookies - - - We will see how long this lasts?    I do plan to make stolen for Christmas, but just for my house - Selfish I suppose!

I did not put up apples or pears, we gave to a local horse farm.  Just me and hubby, and I did put up peaches!... Next year I do plan on making apple cider, that is, if we have a good crop.

I have made some 'mock' recipes, keeping with my low to no sugar and lowcarb lifestyle
Mashed Rutabaga!  Used my InstaPot to cook them down!

Zucchini Fritters
Crispy Goodness!

Pumpkin with rutabaga? Oh yes, so yummy and tastes just like pumpkin Pie!

Pumpkins Muffins - Pie on the go!!

A NO BAKE FALL for me!  or NOT?  I am debating!

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