Thursday, January 10, 2019


Hi Friends,

One year ago I lost 38 pounds, I have struggled as the 'chubby' girl all of my life; though I lost weight I still found that I was struggling  with anxiety and stress and a 'flabby body'.  Instead of turning to Dr. prescriptions - aka:  'mind numbing drugs', I sought a more 'practical' approach to my 'self improvement' - Meditation, Exercise and Healthy "non processed" food choices.  Hey, this girl can cook and make her own snacks, which is a good thing!!...


I went through countless exercise/yoga videos looking for tha'one' that would do it!!!!... and one day....I FOUND IT...... and I found Sanela Osmanovic -  first on Amazon Prime and later on YouTube, and most recently signed up for her online subscription -   Trust me, if you care about your body, your well-being and commitment to long term body and mind health - Start with Sanela... she has a variety of YOGA and other exercises to help anyone at any level achieve wellness- even a lady like me (57 years, 2 knee replacements, bone disease, herniated disc)  can gain back her core strength and flexibility!  YES I DID!!!

When I began 6 months ago (June 2018)  it was slow & painful.. but I persevered... Sanela always spoke of commitment, don't give up, take care of "you" / what you put in your body,,, (so you spend hours excising your body and make bad food choices... Don't do that! make better food choices, feed your body good food and commit to YOGA/and Exercise)

January 2019 is my beginning of toning my body, to bring me health, and well-being.  Not bad for a 57 year-old  gal.    THIS is MY FIRST PHOTO from  the Beginning of my commitment to change my body!   No excuses, I will not give up, I will not surrender...   I am committed to improving my mind, body and spirit. 
I am putting 'ME' out there... I am NOT embarrassed by my body at all! I Love me....
My goal is for a healthy, flexible fit Body !!   STAY TUNED!  Update in February!

Yes, this lady below is ME..... 2014/2017, I was sad, overweight!  Look above ... I have come along way baby!!

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