Each season brings new excitement!  

My Talk About is - managing living on a hilly property..... what are the challenges?

  1. Envision.... Your "Vision" - Don't make it too big (at first)
    1. Plan, Plan, Plan and take a year or two to figure out water issues 
  2. Know drainage issues, how to fix 
    1. What I did is take a video when it 'down pours' this helps me determine how to work on the problem (done this a few times :(..)
  3. Knowing what to plant & where
  4. Pick your plants based on soil, climate and adaptability
  5. Best places for Steps, fences, and sheds and retaining walls 

Walkway with flower border - keeps the water flowing - where it should flow 

Mint - a Weed-Gone-Wild 

Retaining wall - place for strawberries - I use all the space I can to grow

Add new garden beds to grow herbs...

We live on an acre in Northern Virginia in the Blue Ridge, a community not far from the "city."  Off a paved road, but once you turn into our development .... you enter "goat trails"..... hilly, muddy roads - awful...

Mistakes I made: 

Moving to this community
Thinking too big
Planting invasive trees and plants in my yard - Not knowing!
Planting trees to close to house

This year we have removed damaging trees, excess rock, put in efficient retaining walls.... Planted flowers that are not as acceptable to veggie planting, and put veggie planting in raised beds in a more manageable part of the yard.

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