Check out Dolly's blog, - she is a "True Southern Lady"  Excellent tips, household helps, and recipes!   I can't even come close to her when it comes to the home or being a "Lady"!

Garden looking dingy?  It is never too late to plant to fill in those areas in your garden... Now is the time that many plants go on sale..... my favorite for fill in - is the Cosmos - and herbs.... sure herbs don't necessarily bring color... but you can eat them!  Closer to Fall I add Chrysanthemum.

Morning walks in your yard to survey trees, and planting beds... I am always on the lookout for pests...  I prepare my beds and trees in the fall with a good dose of Diatomaceous Earth!  So when the worms lay and eat - they die... this has really helped on my apple tree... I still will sprinkle a bit during the summer months too. 
Bird baths - this is an excellent way to attract wildlife to your yard.. I keep mine clean, especially with our days being so hot...(finally, a summer without torrential rain!) -  I have more than one bath too, I have a smaller one with stones - this helps out the butterflies.

How to pick a good watermelon? - Gee I really don't know - But an old timer says - place your watermelon on a flat surface and give it a nice knock -  when you tap it, you should hear a full, tenor-like sound rather than a bass. It may seem silly, but this one is no old wives’ tales?? -  Look for yellow circles on them - Avoid shinny - Let me know what works for you?

A small share of my yard - little shy of an acre - but boy, I have it packed! 

Love my Lily - first flower I planted 13 years ago
Happy and Healthy

New Additions this year

Love these

Wild flower area

Cosmos - my fav! I have three wildflower areas this year

New addition this year

Roma - Waiting on them

My unruly girls! these chicks are NOT friendly!

added this flower to fill in where one of my herbs died

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