Wednesday, July 6, 2016

One Good Cookie...Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookie Lovers! - Got a new one for you to try!

How many of you are like me?  review recipes and wonder? - well wonder no more.....These are good - simple, fast, and like I said a few words back....GOOD.  I used Bob's Red Mill, Super fine Almond Flour (Bob you are welcome for the free plug, with the exception of the price- yikes)

This is my second batch, so good I wanted to take to work to share with a Gluten challenged friend...I can eat flour, I just wanted a light, protein enriched, low carb choice.
Cookies, rolled and squashed

With the coconut oil, maple syrup - the cookie needs no other sugar

Some ingredients + Eggs, Vanilla

Notes:  it is super easy to make, and stirring in the baking chips, like pushing around a cloud... I think this recipe would be good for those that suffer from arthritis, as it does not put stress on the hands or wrists.

Done and Deli
 Oven 375 and 15 min. Later... Yum

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Healthy in Hooterville

Here in Hooterville, I came to realize that whole foods and whole products are so much better for me.  I took the plunge and invested in some high quality essential oils and other products for the 'overall good'

On another point, I am not necessarily a meat eater, but a high quality raised chicken or beef is okay to me, I like a good steak every now and again,  I like butter from organically raised, grass feed beef, I find it produces a higher quality product and my food taste better too.  I will soon have my hens again, I know what they are fed.

I am not off the scales crazy here... but for me, I have had to realize that eating the proper balance of quality food is important to my body and overall health.  Processed food is not good for us!   I don't care how organic or 'healthy' the label states!  If you don't make it, don't eat it.

I started making my own extracts for baking, buying local products, such as butter, honey and cream/milk to to feed my family.  I even started to experiment on foods made without 'sugar'.  Once you purge this devil, things taste pretty darn good. 

I am making my own beauty products -  just for me, cause I think I deserve it!... I know what is in them, and most of the products I use  - I can grow.

I have always made my own bath salts, there is nothing I love more... sitting in a warm bath and the scent of my salts warming my soul.   I grown my own lavender... so making this salt, is perfect... I get my inspiration from Pinterest and other sites....on how to decorate my jars of joy.

Hooterville wants everyone to stay healthy - whatever this means to you.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Events In Our Lives - Making us Who We Should Be - In Hooterville

My gift this year (to me) and beyond - is to be kinder, more compassionate, understanding and forgiving.

My very good friend called me today upset and in tears, her in-laws sent a holiday card to their home yesterday, but did not include her, only her husband and the grandchildren were named, wishing Robert and the kids the best of the Holiday Season; between sobs, she said that a few years back, they (she)  quit sending out cards due to the cost and since both their kids were in college they could not afford this.  Becca told me that she will send out a letter for those that did not live close to update them on their lives etc….Well,  she says her in-laws ‘noticed’ this card in their other Son’s home that lives in Ohio and made a comment about Becca no longer sends them a card.  I know ridiculous right?

Becca told me that she is sad and mad about this - that her in-laws that go to church every Sunday, donate to Charity (they make sure they tell her this) and pray at every meal could be so... like "unGodlike" to her.   Becca and Robert have been married many years and they have not always been welcoming to her.

My Lesson, outside of not being like Becca's in-laws, or my brother in-law  IS TO be kinder, show more compassion, help more, criticize less, pray more, be more thankful for all things .....and most of all try and show Christ through how I live, what I say - and in some cases - don’t say.  

Happy Merry CHRISTmas from an imperfect person who is in training and needs to pray more.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Happy, Thankful and Grateful in Hooterville

It has been a rough year.   It is far too easy to get caught up in the nonsense of the World, to let hate creep in.  I recently read a post and I was reminded that our heavenly father has things under control. (I do have to remind myself daily, not perfect I tell you!)  - Attitude is what matters, things happen to us all, we have to choose to remain positive, have faith and trust, and most important --- do not comprise biblical values. - enough said!

I  love this time of year, family, friends, and most important: "The Reason for the Season" - SO I do what I know how to do, I can't sew very well, but I can bake... so to make my family and friends have some holiday cheer and to remind them they are appreciated -  I made my usual cookies and candy and sent to a wider audience, made extra jam, homemade vanilla, even tried a few new candy recipes. (below is toffee, Oh YES, easy too)   Baking makes me happy, and I love to share treats with everyone.  One of the favorite things I remember as a kid was getting my older sisters box of goodies - It was a true gift, the time and energy to make candy and cookies, this is something I can appreciate and is a big influence on my giving homemade gifts at Christmas.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wildflowers in Hooterville


they bring such a wonder to the yard –  I love to take the pictures and review them in the darkness of winter.. Which is why I blog them – I search out new ideas and plants so I can cultivate a new flower each spring. 

This is June 2015 – not all have come to bloom yet.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Homemade in Hooterville

I am not a crazy person with regards to prepackaged foods – heck, I love my Lays potato chips, Frito's, Cheetos!  But I know I feel better – my husband does too.   For me, it is time to reclaim our lives, and bring it home - HOMEMADE!

I have a new appreciation for the women of the past, taking care of your family is no easy task.   I have read a bit on the net, posts from other farm girls, homesteaders, and ladies that want to provide the very best for their families. I am so happy that you bloggers post your helpful hints on healthy, and cheaper living - and those recipes you share!  Thank you!!!

Convenience is what it is - convenient, not better, and in my opinion not good for you.  It takes no more time to whip up the seasoning for a skillet dish, making homemade nuggets and, taco seasoning etc….  

Over the past few years, I have gone away from packaged convenient frozen food and veggies.  I make my own bread, when we eat it – I have my own hens – fresh eggs is such a blessing – I love my girls.

I tend to not use anything that has any chemical in it or eat anything with an ingredient I can’t understand what it is.

I don’t eat as much, perhaps having whole foods is the key here.

We have planted new blueberry bushes and strawberry patches so we can harvest and freeze our OWN berries, along with our Pear and Apple trees -they are not pretty – but they are chemical free! – Snap, we freeze them anyway!

When it is just you and your hubby, canning, freezing and preparing your food is more of a challenge for just two.  I am up for this challenge and I welcome any input on making smaller batches of biscuit mix, cake mix etc..

This year I made my own Extracts, Meat Jerky (courtesy of a Blogger), Spice Mixes, Homemade muffins, yogurt and I prepare and freeze my own “convenience” meals.   It is a start.

Having in all in Hooterville, is having your health, a home big enough, but not too big.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Yummy, Healthy Muffins from L. Bird

Many of us get to the end of a bag of nuts, cranberries and raisins - sure we can add them to oatmeal - but I found a new home for these left overs.

My current boss provided me with his - "GO" to muffins - quick, easy, filling and packed with nutrition.  You can switch it it up too!  - I like the carrot/apple ratio, but he will make it with pumpkin, bananas, chocolate chips.

Note:  the first time I made these I used date sugar, and I loved the muffins.  Today, I made them with brown sugar and I could not taste a big difference, so I will continue to use the date sugar

I also add additional spices, feel free to personalize to your preference.  Next time I may add orange or lemon zest.

With spring and summer here, these muffins pack nicely, don't need to be refrigerated and would be a great addition to a potluck or an outside BBQ, camping and hiking.

Respectfully Hooterville Cooks  - Enjoy recipe below:

Bird Muffins (named after the person who provided me with this recipe)
Bake 350 for 18 – 22 minutes (I like moist muffins - I bake about 15 - 18)

Makes 24 muffins..

Weight Watchers 3 points –I freeze them for breakfasts with yogurt

1-½ Whole Wheat flour
¾ cup Oat Bran
¾ Ground Flax Seed
1 cup Nuts of your choice (or you can omit) I like pecans
¾ Cup Brown Sugar (I used Date Sugar) – With brown sugar it is sweeter – but date sugar is GREAT too!
2 tsp soda
1 tsp Baking Power
¼ tsp salt
2 tsp cinnamon
 (note I add a pinch of nutmeg, ginger and allspice) not part of original recipe
2 cups shredded carrots
2 apples (cut into chucks – this time I shredded with the carrots)
1 large egg
¾ cup milk (I used almond milk the first time I made these)
2 Tsp Vanilla