Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bread Tips from Wimpy

My dad, aka "wimpy", pictured below, gave some tips to my sister in law years ago, who was struggling to make bread, he said, first be kind on the flour, which means less is more; he went on to say that bread requires time and patience -  kneed it - patiently, it will be slightly sticky, this is okay the more you work it, the less sticky it gets.  As for more  patience, let it rise once, twice and on the third he would bake,   Please know humidity plays a roll in bread baking.  My tip is that my best bread has been one that has been hand kneaded, though I love my kitchen aid.   There is no substitution for the hand feel of the dough.  Plus, I know that all flour is NOT created equal, high quality flour is a must if you want to bake bread for your family.

Please note that this recipe requires three rises, yes, my dad was right on!  I call this my Wonder Bread Recipe.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hooterville Hook me ups for WWW BEST EVER Banana Bread

I decided to use some old bananas and make what the WWW indicated as the BEST ever banana Bread  - I have been craving this sweet dense bread since October, banana's don't last long enough to go bad in my home.  Used some HM Vanilla - not yet ready - but all I had.  – What makes this WWW version the best? I don’t know? had not one spice! I add a pinch of nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon (which is not called for in the ‘best ever banana bread recipe” how can it be good without any vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon? My Hooterville hook me ups do improve this bread to make it the best ever…. Never forget the vanilla, and pinch of nutmeg – you can forgo the cinnamon but the prior two are a must and maybe a mix of brown sugar with the white sugar would be a good idea.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Gift of the Season "Trust and Believe"

The Season -- Family, Traditions.  Many years back my very best friend at the time lost her grandmother who had raised her.  The very next year at christmas my friend and I gathered to decorate my friends home for the holidays, her grandmother had several holiday boxes that were marked and stored in her attic that said CMAS DECORATIONS with various years. (Along with extra crap, depression era folks threw nothing out,,,). The holidays were a very special time for her and her GMA.  Well, we started to open the boxes and we soon discovered that her GMA had dated and written about certain ornaments.  If I could take you back to the moment when my friend read a note  from her late GMA that said, "Mo, I have surely passed by now and when you read this know how much I loved you, this ornament was given to your mom from your dad before you were born, please treasure it like I did, know you are loved and you have another angel in heaven watching over you.  ...Goose Bumps...  Another ornament said, "Mo, please be happy, the holidays were always such such a joyous time, love GMA". What a gift!   Several year later, I started to collect special ornaments, dated them and tried to write a bit about each one.  My plan is that one day, hopefully living, I can give my son a box of treasured memories for his family.  It is not about the gift, but the meaning, their impact on our life's, much like Christ tried to do.  Remember, it is the season of miracles .. the best time for them really.  It is not about what we have, but about love, who we love and care for and who loves us.  Many of us have family ill this year, Please remember who really is in "Charge" and loves us, his plan no matter the outcome is the best plan, sometimes hard, and we don't know all we should--but I have come to learn..... this is the season for "Trust and Believe"

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Baking this Thanksgiving

We had our first snow fall yesterday, so I get an extra day to stay home and bake.  Work is planning a cookie swap, and I have made my first 3 of five different types of cookies, Gee, signing up for the swap was so easy, but when you have to produce cookies in a few days it makes me feel under pressure.  I choose my favorite shortbread cherry cookies as my first to bake, it freezes well and needs the longer time to cool...nothing goes without a 'hitch' in hooterville...  I had my last batch in the oven and the power went out!  (came back on - but now I am scared) Yikes... I'll hold off on baking the others...which are the classic sugar cookie, I found the secret to the thin sugar cookie was nutmeg, and candy cane cookies - peppermint our course

it is just me and my husband this year, we have a light dinner planned, I did make a nice pancake breakfast to start our day before we headed out to shovel. 

Wish you  all a blessed day!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Being Thankful in Hooterville

Being November, I am trying to focus on being Thankful, I take too much for granted, I have a job, I am healthy – I married a kind and patient man, my kids are happy, they too have good jobs and are moving forward in life – I guess that in itself is a success – I don’t think I would want to be a parent of small children in this time. 

Winter has set in, (not so thankful) the ground is frozen and the leaves are all off the trees; got the hens a water warmer this year and I have put straw around the cage, to keep the snow at bay.   I lost a hen this week, I split up my hens with a neighbor 2 years ago – last year the neighbors quit coming home – staying with their parents about 100 miles away.  Recently I asked for them back – and one was just not healthy enough – the lack of water and food was too much for the poor baby.  The other two are better, and seem to fit in and enjoy their dirt baths and being “free”.

Things have been quite around Hooterville, just tending to the girls each week and the Hounds – Dale and I get to enjoy the hot tub at night, we open the door and enjoy the outdoors sitting in the hot.. hot tub – this is life..., the stars as so pretty here.  –

I do have a plan for my December blog, I am putting some good thought and planning – stay tuned.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall or autumn – which is it for you?

I say fall, and was criticized by a co-worker, who tried in vain to get  me  say autumn,… Oh well.  With each approaching season I have a happy remembrance from my past.  It seems that fall is by far my favorite season.  Sure I love the spring, the flowers the warm air.
There is something about fall that makes me happy.  This is my backyard - what is not happy about that!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Old Wives Tales, Folklore and Old Timer Talk

An old timer from our community told me to start planning on a cold, long winter last summer 2013, he said, “you see them darn hornet’s nest up there on that tree, “ well that’s a sure sign we are headed for some trouble.  Old timer was right; it was a winter that kept on giving….

I noticed that the yellow jackets are building their nests in the ground this spring of 2014 and this tells me, according to my old-timer, we might have a mild winter this year.... as last summer 2013, their nest were above ground and guess what type of winter we had!! - Awful. 

Now, here in the East Blue Ridge our spring/summer weather is starting out hot, humid and unpredictable, this week we received another 3 ½ inches of rain in one night -  now I am not one to complain about rain but I fear we might be in for a rough season.

What does it mean when it rains all spring and summer, does this mean a mild winter, low hurricane season, (less stink bugs (I can dream))?

I can’t find any tales or folklore on this – but I am a searching.