Thursday, January 5, 2017


2017 January - The recent torture of a special needs man – I am sad, ashamed and can’t find a word to express my disappointment in humanity!  This tortured man was not able to defend himself. – The Bullies – shame on them!  So, typical of a bully to pick on a weak individual and do so with a pack of demented, Godless individuals.

Since Obama was elected to office – Race Relations have never been worse.  

All Life Matters – This country needs to unite and stand up for each other.  We have an enemy – and it is not each other folks…. Understand this!

I was not upset when Obama was elected his first term – I said, “Okay, change is good, I’m in – YEAH, we elected a person of race – America has evolved, or so I thought”… My feelings were…..Let’s give this man a chance…

After the first 4 years, I realized electing a ‘non-Christian’ terror supporting person – was a bad move for America.  For my critics, when you don’t denounce the agenda of an Islamic terrorist – by default you support it!

Today, we have an outgoing president who is more concerned about his legacy than he is about the good for the American People.  This Health Care Act as it is…is a joke! Good idea yes, we need it yes!  – The average person could not afford.   Okay, let Trump and his team work to make a good idea better!  

I can’t change the mind of Liberal Democrats –You won’t find me beating up a Clinton supporter – black, white or with a pink polka-dot ass… see,  I accept your opinion, your view.  I won’t devalue you or belittle you.   I absolutely do not have to agree with you !!! and certainly not to abuse you NO! NO way!! NO NEVER!   

My prediction and my belief is that Obama’s legacy will be viewed as one of the worst presidents in recent history, that he squandered an opportunity to make a difference, to bring about the change he campaigned for.

Obama had an opportunity to work to unite America – instead he divided it further!     

Unity in diversity -Muslim Press