Rearranging Hens Living Quarters.

Rearranged the coops, put the 5 little ones in the bigger and the 3 older in the smaller one. 

Since I rearranged the hen houses… baby chicks into the larger coop and the three big birds to the smaller coop…… the older ones are not happy… fussin, squawking and peckin… laying their eggs in the yard by the clematis plant.  They meet me at the gate each day I return home from work, telling me about how I wronged them.  Oh well.. Soon (hopefully and not next year) all will have their nice big coop to share and be all warm in fuzzy… On the brighter side…the hens have left my flowers be… my creeping phlox, lily’s and peonies.   –

Mother’s Day Treasures…

My most treasured mother’s day gifts are homemade, something as simple as a photo book with pictures that captured a holiday I could not attend - bring me joy still... I have a box of these ‘books’ that I have in an old hat box… I occasionally get them out – a gift that keeps on giving… My second is the wooden tray, where pictures were taken and made into a collage.   Nothing wrong with flowers, I love them too.  I wonder how many mothers have a ‘hat box’ like me?  Happy Mother's Day!

Letters, a handwritten thank you, howdy and good buys...

A group on Facebook had a letter swap recently and I thought about joining in on this.... but I was just not in the spirit at the time, now I wish I had…. I recently received this letter from a law clerk that left our agency for a job in New York City.

The letter Bruce wrote is a bit silly and unique, but so special and thoughtful.  Bruce took the time to write it and print it out… I think he would have hand written if time was not so scarce for him. 

A note I can keep and cherish!