Birds, Their Nests, Babies....

My Robin did not come back to her tree this year... I was sad... I had pruned the pear tree this fall, and  well, I guess it was too much for her.   I'll miss her and the babies, they gave me joy to listen to their food cries and their parents hard work to provide them food.

Nest in my Kiefer Pear Tree

I provide a source of 'nest' building material.... this little ball, made from grape vines,,,, filled will alpaca wool.... I can tell you... my birds  have been busy plucking away at this for their nests.

Grape Vine filled with Wool for the birds

I have other birds that like to build nests on my porch in the shades I have...... we have had such strong winds they lost a few nests...  and when I went to investigate their latest..... well, they abandonaned I added to my table of decorative bird houses......  can't say this broke my heart.......  as they make a bit of a mess....

Nest that fell out of the screen on my porch
My table with decorative bird houses...

This past winter we have had birds 'hanging' out.... this is a good thing.... I will guess all my tree planting has provided the birds with more sanctuary....

Wedding Anniversary, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Pork Chops...

My anniversary, April 10th... I forgot.... but my husband... he reminded me... Gosh, I am a horrible partner...... Good thing I can cook! (probably why he reminded me)

My hubby is a good man, provider and friend....   So, despite his low carb healthy lifestyle, I was able to make him a food friendly and Husband approved meal for our special day....  No worry on fussing over when to start the Chops.. I used my favorite new tool.... a power pressure cooker!... Ohh yeah folks, ya'll need one - for us gardeners (obsessed with the yard) - we can work in the yard ALL day and still provide a yummy quick meal.... without standing over it..!

My meal was Pork Chops cooked in onion, lemon juice, white wine and garlic.....
The veggies were roasted cauliflower, mushrooms, and radishes

Sautéed pork, .. ready to cook

Love lemon and Lime... always have in my home...

I love my $3.00 thrift store bowl..... hand blown and a classic.

Dipped Strawberries all packaged nicely
The past few years I have been making more of my own candy and choosing the best chocolate, not only to control the ingredients, but the sweetness too... and I came across these wonderful tools for dipping... gosh - what did I do in the past without them!

The specialty tools for chocolate dipping.

Chocolate, my preference is Guittard or Ghirardelli - if you ever go to San Francisco... make sure you stop by the Chocolate Factory (Ghirardelli).......  BUT hands down... I prefer Guittard...... 100% all the way!

Just dipped berries... ready for chilling

Sherbet, Cold Weather and a Neglected Yard

I could not wait to try my Homemade Sherbet!!!! It turned in perfect.... as a ate my Sherbet I was wrapped in a blanket, it is cold outside.... 32 degrees to be exact!  burrrr

This weekend we have expected 70 degrees weather - so we can finish our 'red' brick walkway.. lay seed, work on a new retaining wall.. and work on planting some more trees and plants... I don't plan a big veggie garden this year... just a tomato plant, cucumbers and some herbs...... so I have no stress with preparing garden beds.... 

When we are done.. I have planned BBQ chicken and for dessert we will finish up the Sherbet....

Have a great day y'all!

What it means to be a polite, patriotic American...

I can't even come to terms with what is going on in our Wonderful Country these days.... Jimmy Kimmel, making fun of our Beautiful first Lady Melania's accent.... Open threats against our President Trump, no voice allowed for the conservative Christians - Y'all, if we don't agree with the left we are racist, white privileged deplorable people.
Image may contain: 3 people, including Spencer McGalliard, people smiling, people standing

Image may contain: 3 people, including Spencer McGalliard, people smiling, people standing
I had the privilege to meet a President, President Obama... It was such an honor to accompany my son, the Marine, who supported the White House in his service to our Country.....

I did not vote for Obama, I did not like or approve of Obama's political agenda - His open support of Islamic Terrorists, the allowing of Criminal illegal immigrants some sort of path to sanctuary, and his 'no' border policy! (what the hell)

Not only did I not NOT BASH, Threaten, Taunt, publicly humiliate Obama, make fun of his wife (cause I could have) or children.... I was a conducting myself and what a Good Citizen, a good Patriotic American does...... I sucked it up, and for the good of the Country - I let this awful president be and voted out the Democratic when the opportunity came up,.. See I agree with Trump, I want to Make American Great Again,  for everyone and for Always.

The bottom line - I put aside my disgust and hatred for a standing president, I went to the white house with my Son as a Proud mom, a proud American, I met the first Black President, regardless if did not approve of him the (Man as my president) or his policy... I was honored, it was a privilege and I'd do it again.

The rest of the rude, disrespectful, UN-American Liberal Left... Please take a note from my story and learn what it means to be a polite patriotic American.

Berry Sherbet & Mixed Berry Jam

Love using fruit that I grow, grows wild or I can buy organic, organic is what I have for my strawberry Jam... I can't seem to get but 2 or 3 strawberries from my yard, between the rabbits and the chipmunks - 
It is a battle I have yet to win! urrgh.....Image result for pictures of strawberries in the yard

Flash Frozen Strawberries

I had several frozen bags of freshly picked strawberries and wild blackberries from last season... nicely tucked away in our freezer...

Spring fruit will be out soon - I decided to make some goodies with last seasons fruit... First up is the Frozen Sherbet... using my new ice cream machine.. I have had and used several machines... the basic - freeze the bowl, the very nice generator machine,  Now, I went back to a basic rock salt machine.
Ice Cream Maker
The mixture for the Sherbet is complete and now cooling off!  - Can't wait!!!  Off to store to get extra ice...just in case.
Wild Berry/Strawberry Sherbet Mixture

Set up real nice! yummy!!!
I made a small batch of mixed berry jam too!  had left over wild berries from the making of Sherbet... so I will use it all up (no waste).... I love my  Ball® FreshTECH Automatic Jam & Jelly Maker.. It is perfect for using leftover fruit for small batches of jam
A pinch left over....

Small jars of Luscious Mixed Berry Jam

Toast with butter and fresh jam - 

Ball® FreshTECH Automatic Jam & Jelly Maker
Fresh-tech Jam and Jelly Maker
Y'all have a wonderful spring! - I plan to enjoy every minute of every warm sunny day!

Pasta - so easy and simple.. just a few ingredients

Pasta is one of my favorite food groups.... since my eating plan changed, it is rare I eat pasta, It is a limited food... my favorite pasta is with fresh lemon, olive oil, cheese and a veggie.... I keep it simple!  Do you love pasta?  I made it eat twice this week..... so... I'll have to wait a bit for more pasta... .. 

Good wholesome food is not that hard to make, It is satisfying to make a meal with such flavor, and you can add meat/fish if you want.

Makes me want to plant some broccolini!

  Fresh parmigiana reggano is a must!   add off the heat
I cook the pasta, add the veggies the last 4 minutes..... I keep some of the pasta water out in reserve to use in the final mixture..... helps to thicken up.

TEST COOKIE - Coconut Castaway Cookies.... a spring, summer, picnic treat? - Well, Not yet!

A spring cookie!  I decided to try and make this cookie while out and about.. thrift store shopping... I fell in love with this cookie... Light, crunchy and soft!  A bit like a snickerdoodle.... but better.  I COULD NOT find a recipe, so I reached out to a facebook cooking group... and behold..... someone new exactly what I was looking for... BUT the technique of how to make them was missing.....

TIPS:  (suggested, I'll do this next time)
Use sweetened coconut.... toast it too, but watch that oven.. I nearly burnt it.
It needs more sugar too!
for a crispy cookie, I would suggest melting the fat prior to adding to the sugar and egg...
Don't over whip the mixture.
Bake longer - Depending on your 'fickle' oven
and don't do what I did... Used Bread Flour.... - Shame on me - wondering why the texture was off...

Toasted the Coconut - a Must

 Easy drop cookie!

How to Make Lemon Coconut Snickerdoodles:

2 1/2 c flour
1 1/2 c sugar
3/4 c coconut (Tip:  Use Sweetened Coconut)
1 c butter, softened (TIP:  melt it first, y'all get a crisper cookie)
1 1/2 tsp cream of tartar
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1 Tbsp lemon juice 1/2 tsp grated lemon rind

Combine all ingredients. Beat at low speed until well mixed, 2 to 4 minutes.
Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls of dough onto ungreased cookie sheets.

Bake at 400 degrees for 7 to 10 minutes or until edges are lightly browned.

So what do I think? - They do taste GOOD,, with a hint of Lemon and  coconut adds nice texture... 

 Browned very nice too.... These cookies like convention.

bottom line!  they taste good!  I was looking for a crispy cookie, on the outside and sweeter.. I think it needs more sugar...... I will work on perfecting, as this cookie has great flavor.