I was recently gifted a hand cranked pasta machine.... from a friend who married into an Italian family from Pennsylvania...Laurie's husband -  Rich is deeply rooted in the Italian tradition, heritage and culture, and a good man! and one that knows his Italian Cuisine!....  It is an older machine made in Italy... came in the box with all the 'goods' (happy dance)...... My recommendation for anyone wanting an authentic tool... I recommend the Marcato Brand, and they do have a  Just make sure it is made in Italy...... (fakes out there)

Why make your own pasta?  first off, it tastes so much better, not that hard to do.....and you can store it (short shelf life) - but worth it.


1 - Use room temperature eggs and fresh is best (I have hens... good thing)
      Very important eggs are at room temperature.... I USED todays eggs for this goodness!


3 - If too sticky, add water, need water... add some (perfect dough should not stick to your fingers)

4 - As for the flour you choose, this is 'my' preference.... this is what I like - you can't go wrong with
     KA (but I recently ordered some from Italy to make some Pasta for Rich, cause Italians know
     there food. - which is a good thing!

Dough kneaded and resting
My suggestion on how to get a recipe and work the dough through the machine.... use the website..... or the instructions on the KA pasta blend bag.

put some dough through the 'stretcher'

Making a thick spaghetti

the dough lightly tossed in pasta flour, drying and will have for dinner - tossed in Olive Oil and Garlic  - 

That is it Folks!  this pasta will accompany some Beef Tenderloin for supper tonite!