Friday, November 1, 2019


I decided to repost this for 2021 - we all know the the cost of goods have skyrocketed, and money being needed for basic necessities - HOME MADE does not have to be expensive, it can be a simple cake, cornbread - anything! 

I so LOVE homemade over store-bought!   It does not have to be overwhelming, cost a ton or anything!   

I start buying certain ingredients in late summer…. So by November, I have what I need for MY DECEMBER Christmas/Hanukkah /Holiday BOX. 
I learned that my love language was food …. I love sending food! - to eat as soon as you get the BOX or to make!  

Some of my favorites: 
  • Semi-prepared muffins, they can be tailored to any Holiday.  


  • Jar of Jam 
  • Sugar Cookies  
  • Cheez-it’s 
  • Candles

Holiday Gift Box
I also made a book of pictures and stories from holidays past, (I took all those photo holiday cards from my family, put them in a binder, and each year, I pull them out, and add to it….  This would also make a great gift. 
Family is what you what to make of it, make each holiday count, was is precious!

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