Thursday, August 17, 2017


Perhaps the pyramids need to come down too? I now ridiculous huh?

Just when I think the Russian nonsense is over - a misunderstood tweet  is hashed and rehashed - the so called ‘special’ counsel’ on its witch hunt…. now the Obama infused race issue (yes, I said Obama)  you know what… give it a few days… The whole cycle will start all over again…

The governor of Virginia  wants to remove all statutes in Virginia that were related in connection to the civil war as it relates to the confederates is suggested to remove the memorials in DC related to anything remotely connected as well.... I guess BYE BYE DC! - I could live with that.

White Nationalist, Antifa, Nazis, Black Life Matter- you all are evil, you push an agenda that has no place in this country or world.... I stand by the Statement of TRUMP that both and all sides are the issue - it is not a single group at all.....views, opinions, rage.... run rampant in these groups....  Those in disagreement to are only lying to yourself... Any group that won't allow free speech, intervenes by blocking speakers, shows up uninvited at peaceful gatherings or advocates and back the killing of law enforcement  - Yes you... you are ALL evil  - the KKK, White Nationalist, BLM etc.... Funny you can say Black Lives Matter, but not White Lives Matter? Now this is wrong - just saying, and this alone can cause race issues… know.. I like All Lives Matter… what about you?
Some people want the Pollyanna, red carpet treatment in everything, they expect everyone else to 'make' them feel good, help them cope....I can't tell you how many times someone said to me,,, "you make me feel bad" or "you think you are better than me"  You know what I learned to tell them?  - I said, "I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for how YOU feel" - This is when I learned the shallow, weakness of individuals and their need to be stroked and lifted up..... their self esteem is so low - anyone happy, making progress in life is a threat to them.... They hold onto the past.  I have a God given self-worth and so does everyone else!
Personally, for me, if the historical artifacts cause pain and people can't get past this - I have no issue with taking them down.. BUT
I just don't see this 'issue' 'statues' of the "confederate cause" being the real issue.... and by somehow taking down a statute will change the hearts of many an angry soul....
Here is a thought.... .take em down.... what will Change?  Will it stop the hatred towards the past, and who is perceived as the enemy????    I pray it does....Please comment your thoughts on " take em down" I am interested...

Friday, August 11, 2017

Inclement Weather - you NEVER know.....Prepare to Prepare

There were areas of Severe Flooding this year....Hurricanes are looming, and fall/winter is approaching - What better time to get your supplies, plan and kits ready.  


This is what I do: keep it simple - what you eat, what you need.... My main “Go Kit TUB/s” (I have this ALWAYS ready)  the BIG evacuation TUB is filled with the following:

This year - 2017, I purchased Wise Food Storage enough for 2 people to last 7 days (this includes water) - in addition to this, I add a small mixture of the following: nuts, meal bars, juice boxes, peanut butter, graham crackers, dried venison jerky. (I circulate, use and replace)

PET FOOD - we have Dogs so we buy an extra bag for our GO KIT TUB, it is kept in airtight container. (circulate)

WATER I have a 5 Gallon JUG next the to GO KIT TUB
COLLARS and LEASHES and a WATER BOWL - we keep a set in the GO KIT TUB
IDENTIFICATION ON US and PETS (I update accordingly)

I add games, like cribbage (I have a mini board), playing cards, Yahtzee
Flashlights and batteries. (circulate batteries)
Personal Hygiene items, to include wipes

I have a change of clothes (sweatpants) for Hubby and me, along with socks and sturdy shoes

Prepare your kits accordingly - Have babies? toddlers? an elderly parent?

*the Red Cross and The Wise Company have excellent sources to help you plan and prepare.


I replace and refill all of the following about every three months:

4 stackable water containers (14 Gallons) (purchased from The Wise Company) (pictured)

3 refillable 5- gallon water jugs (mainly for pups)
10 - 1 gallon refillable waters jugs (mainly for pups)
Water purifier tablets

I determined between the freezer and other food I don't store too much food - I have LONG Term MREs and Food from the WISE Company.


We have a landline, but I do charge all our laptops and devices. - my new lantern has a USB charger.

*  I make sure laundry is done!  - who else does this?
* I also fill my bathtub up so we can use to dump water in the toilet in case power goes out.
* Meds go in waterproof bag along with our identification for us in animals and ready to be put in (MAIN GO KIT)* I get cash out of the bank.
* Buy any animal food I may need (HENS)

I make sure all vehicles have fuel - never know if we have to leave.

We sold our generator, but when I had one... it is checked every 30 days and I make sure I have fuel - we have a permanent one planned.

CHECK WATER SUPPLY - Make sure all is ready.

I am obsessed, I have 7 days ALWAYS for two humans and three dogs and hens - I need more... this plan is in the works. This is separate from my GO KITs
I have in my chest freezer 10-20 jugs of water -  It helps to keep your food when power goes out if you don't have a generator.
Plan to use your outside GRILL - weather permitting! I always have camping propane bottles so cooking  rice and oatmeal is a snap on a camp stove, and of course - I can rely on my go kit. (cook outside)

I have a wind up radio
And backup flashlights

In a separate mini ‘go kit’ each commuter car has a sleeping bag, blanket and a backpack for 3 days (water, personal items, food and a change of clothes) sweatpants are cheap!